Inkplate 6

At OSHdata we look at every single product certified through the OSHWA certification program. We see a ton of great products but sometimes come across a product that really catches our attention. The Inkplate 6 by E-radionica, a Wi-Fi-enabled e-paper display, is a phenomenal OSH development board for projects that need a high clarity low powered display.

The Inkplate 6 has a number of possible use cases such as an info panel display for an office or production area or a clock and weather display for home. Maybe the most obvious use, that we’re most excited about, is the possibility of an Open Source Hardware e-reader. We’re fans of e-ink-readers and would love to have a quality Open Source option. With other e-reader projects, like the Open Book Project by Joey Castillo, ongoing in the Open Source community, hopefully the Inkplate 6 will become a supported option.

We were able to get in touch with the makers of the Inkplate 6 to get more information on the product and get our hands on one. E-radionica is an Open Source Hardware business based in Osijek, Croatia. The Inkplate 6 is their first OSHWA certified product but just an addition to their backlog of Open Source Hardware products. They started out in 2012 producing Arduino compatible boards and have been consistently growing their business since. 

The Inkplate 6 completed a highly successful Crowd Supply campaign in February, funding their $10,000 goal in 3 days. At the completion of the campaign, E-radionica has raised over $76,000. Per recent updates on the campaign, backers should be receiving Inkplates this month (June), if they haven’t already.

Image from E-Radionica’s crowdfunding campaign showing the back of the Inkplate 6 board.

E-radionica has made available, on the hardware Github repo, all of the source files for the development board and the 3d printable case. The software is still in early development but they have released a basic Arduino library to start out with. E-radionica told us they are expecting to release further software support in the coming months including a Micropython library, Arduino library updates, and software documentation.

The features are packed into the board allowing everything you would need for an e-display project. The 6 inch display, an ED060SC, is a high quality e-paper display that is sourced from recycled Kindle e-readers. You’re getting a high-quality display and helping the environment. Just below the screen on the front of the board are 3 capacitive touch pads that could be used for menu controls.

To the rear side of the board is an ESP32 WROVER dual-core microprocessor with Wi-Fi and BLE, micro USB B port for charging and flashing, micro SD card reader, power switch, JST battery connector and charger, easyC connector for I2C/SPI communication, and additional GPIO points. The power management is designed for long battery life with a high-efficiency display power supply and a low power voltage regulator. The product is also available with an optional 3D printed case or you can print your own.

Here are the full specifications:

  • 6 inch, 800×600 pixel e-paper display
    • 3-Bit Grayscale
    • 264 ms Refresh
    • Partial Updates
    • Dual-core microprocessor
    • 8 MB of RAM
    • 4 MB of flash
    • Integrated Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
  • Lithium battery connector and charger (MCP73831) compatible with common 3.7v battery packs
  • MicroSD card reader
  • 3 capacitive touch pads
  • Micro USB-B port for charging and flashing
  • Additional GPIO pins, easyC/Qwiic compatibility, and support for I²C and SPI
  • Temperature sensor (TPS65186)
  • High efficiency display power supply TPS65186 and low power voltage regulator

We expect to be back in a few months with a full hardware review once the software is further along. If you are interested in picking up an Inkplate 6 you can order one now for $99 USD through the Crowd Supply campaign page.

If you are a creator of an OSHWA certified product and would like OSHdata to feature or review your product contact us to start the conversation.

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