Hi there, my name is Harris Kenny and I’ve been working in Open Source Hardware (OSH) since 2014. Along the way I have:

  • Certified dozens of products.
  • Sold tens of thousands of units.
  • Signed global distributor agreements.
  • Assisted in FCC and CE compliance.
  • Served on the OSHWA Board.

You can find me online here:

Open Source Hardware is just a methodology. OSHdata studies the brands, markets, products, and people who make it work.

That’s you. We are connecting the dots between projects, products, and people, to help this community grow. Expand to new markets. Sign new partnerships. See who is leading the market.

We do this through frequent updates about newly certified hardware through the Open Source Hardware Association, a monthly email newsletter, and regular reports.

So how do I know what I’m talking about? Here’s a glimpse at some of my past Open Source work. I continue to work with founders of Open Source Hardware companies today to help them bring their products to market.

Past Work With Market Leaders